Tipperary Knockmealdowns 10 Year

Single Malt — Ireland

4.0 out of 5 stars
Day Five of my Irish Whiskey Advent Calendar from Drinks By The Dram brings me this firecracker of a single malt. The nose comes in with a rush of green apple, Norwegian fruit soup (at least the little old church lady at my current call's version of it), and a distant hint of something a bit smoky. The palate is a real bruiser; the opening is fruity (reminds me of charoset - apple, raisin, nuts, cinnamon), but then in comes a strong note of barrel char (almost burning rubber, but in a good way), savory (mushroomy) malt, and a powerfully spicy ending reminiscent of a cinnamon candy like Red Hots. A complex, very enjoyable drop of whiskey!
  • Soba45

    Interesting. I hadn't heard of the distillery or brand despite the 10 year age statement. I knew new distilleries did progress statements and distilled other spirits to raise $ but I forgot the other trick of sourcing other whiskey and selling under their label