Glen Scotia 25 Year

Single Malt — Campbeltown, Scotland

Tasted January 11, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
So we've driven 200 miles from Talisker Distillery to Loch Lomond after hiking near Glenbrittle on Skye. Beautiful day and why not round the evening off with a Glen Scotia 25 year old, around $75 for a double here at the excellent Loch Lomond Arms. Just what I needed - there is something about these Campbeltown boys'n'gals that imparts a subtle difference compared to other malts. The NOSE is just superb, very rich, fruity, with hints of candy, cinnamon, but also summer berries. The PALATE, first I taste a huge burst of toffee- apple, then i taste almonds, finally summer-berries jam. The extra 7 years give it that additional depth to the liquid. The FINISH is body-warming as you would expect, gentle spiciness; it is long and delicious. Overall it brings on the mood of those summers we thought would never end, as you run and run to catch the sun but it's sinking! Delicious neat, perhaps 5 tiny drops of water at most - recommended! :)
  • Hud1865
    June 14, 2018

    Thanks! You know how on FIFA18 you can create a dream-team of the best footballers, it would be great if you could do that with Distillers! In fact is there aDistillers WhatsApp group? Imagine drinking with people with TASTE!

  • Rick_M
    January 25, 2018

    Excellent review! You brought me back to the motherland and did so concisely. I think your Campbeltown assessment is also spot on!

  • cascode
    January 25, 2018

    Good review, and yes, I get a sort of commonality between all 3 Campbeltown distilleries - not surprising with Springbank and Glengyle, of course, but much more unexpected with Glen Scotia. Love most their whiskies that I’ve tried, but never had this one. Must look out for a dram.