Glenburgie 15 Year Distillery Labels (Gordon & MacPhail)

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

3.0 out of 5 stars
As we begin with what amounts to our fifth round of samples my friends and I (in our self titled Scottish Distillery Tour) are inching ever closer to the declared goal of trying at least one single malt or grain from every active distillery that has a bottle available. Up first, from my collection, is this single malt from Speyside distiller: Glenburgie. This bottle is a 15 year old example from famed independent bottler Gordon & Macphail. It was bottled at 43% ABV and has no color added. It’s a very pale straw in the glass and produces a wide, legless slick all the way around the Glencairn glass. The nose gives most of this malts characteristics away from the get go: vanilla, white oak with some sherry sweetness and green apples. The flavor is also quite one dimensional: vanilla. It’s very bourbon-esque, minus the pepper and heat. It’s smooth enough and enjoyable for those times you aren’t looking to challenge your palate. The finish is short, slightly warming and sweet and oaky. Overall, this is primarily a boring dram. It’s another distillery we can cross off the list and I’m not sure I’d venture out and look for another bottle from these guys, unless it’s something significantly older. Even then, price definitely has to come into play. This wasn’t worth the $79 I paid. It accomplishes the same thing a cheap blend does. 3 stars. Cheers.
  • Soba45

    One good thing about tired / refill casks I've finally realised after tasting Craigallechie 13 is that they really allow the new make to shine through. All the trading of whiskies to try all the distilleries in Scotland has inspired me to do the same. 40 more to try and then I'm there! (excluding the recently opened distilleries in the last few years of course :-))

  • Rick_M

    Most of their stuff goes into Ballantine’s.

  • LeeEvolved

    @Generously_Paul - that’s probably the biggest factor, but it’s another thing when there’s no distinct distillery flavors detectable- even regional style hints. I hate being scared away from a distillery because nothing shines through even the most tired of casks. Independent bottle prices based on ages is an entire different problem that’s even more scary.

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    More importantly than seeing what’s good through this process is actually what’s worth its price. This one sounds questionable

  • Generously_Paul

    I suspect the biggest problem with IBs is tired old casks. It’s a shame really