Invergordon 1973 42 Year (The Exclusive Malts)

Single Grain — Highlands, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
First order: Invergordan/Battlehill 9 Year Friday evening. Time to catch up on Homeland and Billions from the DVR. Pour me a sample sit back and taste. Ahh, Friday’s. The nose somewhat odd and different. Dominated by paraffin wax and cardboard. Sherry notes of figs or dates surface with honey and vanilla. A light caramel sweetness flashes with burnt marshmallows creating a funky, earthy undertone that detracts from the whisky. A grainy cereal (oatmeal/Irish oats) supports the few available flavors. This finishes with oak drying tannins and vanilla wafers and tangerines that is somewhat short. The 9 year was bland and thin of flavor and fullness. Rough and harsh and lacking in any real substance. [80/100][Tasted: 3/30/18] ———————————- Second order: Invergordan 44 Well, it’s Saturday night and part two of the Invergordan 44 supplied by @PBMichiganWolverine through our little tour group. These have been sitting around for awhile and now, I am finding more time to catch up on these whiskies (bringing up the rear) The nose is more bourbon than of scotch and would almost be hard to discern is a blind nosing. rich brown sugar, cinnamon, caramel, cherries, vanilla, corn grain, oak, creme brûlée. It’s almost akin to a Four Roses, and that is not a bad similarity. A lovely nose and almost do not want to move on from here. The palate senses, from the nose, to expect a thick and syrupy fluid. The draw into the palate confuses the brain because the body is air thin. Again, more bourbon-esque than scotch. Silky smooth and sugary sweet. Brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg spices. Bakers chocolate comes forward to and delivers the finish. Oak, ground cinnamon nutmeg and oranges round out journey. Once again, more bourbon/grain than scotch/cereal. The is a nice dram from start to finish. Sweet, balanced, soft. The only true criticism I have is, due to the time it must have spent in the bourbon cask, I would not qualify this as a malt. But I would not turn it down if it comes my way again. [89/100][Tasted: 3/31/18]