Rollins Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee — Tennessee, USA

3.0 out of 5 stars
Batch 15: Nose is green apples and rye…some toasted oak and vanilla. Taste in a glencairn is corn sweet with a hint of baked apples, burnt sugar moving to cinnamon and light oak spice. You don’t taste the barrels like better bourbon but there is some nice oak spice and toasted oak notes. The overall taste is balanced and wonderfully smooth. Its not super complex or long in finish but there is much to like and nothing to hate. This is obviously young spirits but quality is where it should be. In Australia this is around $45 and I think its top value. Compare this to Jack Daniels and shake your head in disbelief that Jack is usually a few dollars more but serves up so much less in everyway. Can be drunk straight in a glencairn where it is perfectly pleasant if a bit limited but rocks on the rocks where the char and toasted notes come out more prominently. My guess this is designed for making a great Old Fashioned. Solid 3 stars or 88. Please note this comes in batches and there is definitely batch variation going on here. (Word to the wise; batch 16 is coming through as I write this and is not as nice as batch 15, which is still in shops and the basis of this review.)