The Macallan 1824 Series Ruby

Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

Tasted June 14, 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Amsterdam. A bar. Not a bad selection given so many places these days have a poor selection of whiskey (and seem to have a an enormous selection of that dratted gin which I can't stand). Of course you can't go wrong with Lavagulin but I hanker for something else and spot the Ruby, a very unusual choice for a bar in Amsterdam, so I thank the bartender for his selection and he says its always a struggle to persuade management to stock the better whiskeys and if he had his way the Ruby would be the start of his range. Here, here! Lets get this out of the way, I think the Rare Cask beats this hands down and its also significantly cheaper, what with the Ruby retailing here for Euro330-350. Julien's review is spot on. The NOSE is just great, figs and vanilla. The PALATE is exactly what you expect and want on a summer night in Amsterdam, more figs, more vanilla, it is spicy, very little or no smoke which for this is what it should be, and the FINISH is long, fruity, jam, dark bitter chocolate. I can't award the top grade because the Rare Cask is just superb and sets the benchmark for Macallan for me, with the 18 Yer Sherry Cask my favourite. So, if the Ruby were 100Euro cheaper it would be just right for a purchase, but i can hear the management at Macallan's chortling and saying "C'mon Hud, work a bit smarter and earn some more money because then you could by a whole hogshead and store it in your barn, so stop complaining" hahaha. Anyway nice dram, but get this, next to me two yanks are ordering a Drambui and Baileys, I mean what is up with the world?! I'm all for breaking gender stereotypes and diversity but with Lavagulin, Highland Park and the Ruby on offer a male gender homo sapiens should NOT be ordering effin drambui and baileys! AM I right or what?!!! Calm down and finish the dram buddy says a corporate woman to my left who is looking at my screen, its a matter of taste not gender. Thanks mom. No, I didn't mean that, sorry. Oh god, stop writing. What is up with the world?!! Cheers! :-)