Benromach Sassicaia Wood Finish 2007

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.5 out of 5 stars
This whisky does not have the usual added coloring with caramel (which, incidentally, is used to give that air of "seasoned", and therefore of prestige, which naturally is associated with dark shades), but the refinement in Sassicaia Wine gives it however, a nice shade of intense dark gold, really inviting, which combined with the label (different and more elegant than other Benromach expressions) already predisposes to drinking. No chill-filtering, therefore a certain opacity in the liquid can be detected if drunk at colder temperatures. Poured into the glass, the red wine becomes immediately present on the nose (and it would be difficult otherwise, given the importance of the Bolgheri product), fruity notes are perceived (black grapes, of course, but also berries) and a light smoke that acts as a glue between the various aromas. Non-invasive alcohol. In the mouth the wine is felt more massively, with an accompaniment of fruity sweetness, herbaceous notes and always a pleasant substrate of smoke. Sassicaia is always there and it would like to eat everything out, but the Benromach keeps beating and keeps the harmonic structure, truly a sight. After the glass (with the usual calm, and always alternating nose and palate to fully appreciate all its nuances), the vinous and fruity flavors remain, with a hint of dryness probably due to the tannins. Remarkable.