Auchroisk 10 Year Flora & Fauna

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

2.5 out of 5 stars
Nose: Lightly malty and rather like oatmeal. A touch of lemon. As it rests more and more maltiness emerges. Palate: Warming and sweet arrival, very much cereal based. Nutty, malty and a touch salty in the development, but it never loses the sweet cooked-cereal character. A very pleasant mouthfeel that is silken rather than creamy or oily. The texture is one of its best features. Finish: Medium long, malty and sweet. A touch of mild ginger spice but the lingering flavours are all reminiscent of ale. This is a highly malt-centered whisky, with an overall profile very much like a light ale. The nose is quite shy and you need to let it rest for a while before nosing or there will be little to note. It's a extremely drinkable whisky with no burn whatsoever - indeed, almost a watery character to the palate. Very agreeable and light, it's a good dram to relax with when you need to wind down. Initially I thought it was somewhat lacking but I was surprised how quickly I polished it off and wanted another taste. I tasted it from a 30ml sampler and I'm almost interested enough to find a bottle (but not quite). The official tasting notes here seem somewhat at odds with my experience. I found the palate in particular to be soft and slightly sweet, and not dry, spicy or peppery at all. I also thought it to be superior to the nose, which is a little retiring. My final thoughts were that this is probably a very dependable and valued malt for blending - I can see it adding density and body to a blend without interfering with the malts that are providing the standout flavours and aromas. "Average" : 2.5 stars
120.0 AUD per Bottle
  • ContemplativeFox

    @cascode Thanks for the details. I was looking at buying an independent bottling of Auchroisk, but as you pointed out they're all independent bottlings (aside from this), so it's difficult to find reviews. It's great that you've tried 3 since that kind of gives me an idea for the quality of what the distillery produces. Thanks!

  • cascode

    @ContemplativeFox Apart from the official “Flora & Fauna” bottling from Diageo, Auchroisk is pretty much only available from independent bottlers, and there are not many expressions. It’s a young distillery and the spirit is a touch industrial and was always intended for blending. I only have notes on 3 expressions in my tasting journal – this one, a Gordon & Macphail Connoisseur’s Choice bottling from about 10 years ago (which I gave 78/100) and a recent North Star 13 year old entirely matured in an oloroso sherry hogshead. It’s probably hard to find now (particularly in the US) but this North Star bottling is the best Auchroisk I’ve had – in fact I liked it so much I bought a bottle. I’ve reviewed it here on Distiller and gave it 3.5

  • ContemplativeFox

    Nice tasting. It sounds drinkable, but rather bland aside from the texture. Have you tried any other Authroisk expressions?