Delord Armagnac 25 Year

Armagnac — Bas-Armangac, France

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.6/5 stars. 25 year old Armagnac for $116 CAD....What more can you say? I sort of questioned if it was cheap brandy or if there was something wrong with it at that price but the nose is incredible and the taste is rich and complex. Nice long finish and not too sweet of all things...It doesn't have the chocolaty intensity of a cognac that fills the room, but it does have very intense oak flavors and that's on top of a very well rounded grape spirit. It does have the typical potpourri armagnac bouquet...Think clove dominant, nutmeg, honey and cinnamon...But the old wood ads a dark brown sugar aromatic and a combination of things that almost makes you chuckle with satisfaction as you take it in. The Arrival is somewhat typical of a decent Armagnac but with an added oak character. Almost the sort of taste you'd get from a well aged whisky that had been sitting overnight and all that remains is the sweet oak aromas and flavors without the alcohol. Very reminiscent of a waffle cone to compare it to something tangible! After 20 min in the glass more wood sweetness coming out on the nose...Vanillas and carmels with clove and nutmeg... Something like a glue that you'd smell in some decent bourbons. Overall very good stuff. What a fantastic value from Delord!
116.0 CAD per Bottle