Kilkerran Work in Progress #7 Sherry Wood

Peated Single Malt — Campeltown, Scotland

5.0 out of 5 stars
This sherry-wood-aged whisky is one of the last of Kilkerran's "Work in Progress" lineup. The WIP line was a series of annual releases from Mitchell's Glengyle distillery, before they finally had enough mature stock on hand to debut Kilkerran 12 last year. Compared to the flagship, this early sneak peek into their lineup was matured entirely in sherry wood and is a year or two younger. It's also better. Its aromas feature a noticeably more intense, earthier peat, almost mezcal-like on some passes, along with caramel. Its well-balanced palate combines heather and cherries with smoke, sherry, spice, and syrup. That smoke stars in the finish, like a bonefire of pine smoke and meaty flavors. This isn't easy to find nowadays, but it was reasonably priced when it debuted.
15.0 USD per Pour