Westland Hand Filled Distillery Only 5 year Old Moscato Finish

American Single Malt — Washington , USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
This whiskey is from Westland distillery out of Seattle, Washington. They are allowing visitors and tour participants to hand-fill their own bottle of constantly aging whiskey to take home with them. My friend, @PBMichiganWolverine from NJ, took a private tour and was able to secure a bottle of what is now a 5 year old that’s been hanging out in an ex-Moscatel wine cask. This was bottled at 53% ABV and is an amber/red, deep caramel colored whiskey that produces very oily droplets and slow forming legs around the Glencairn. I believe his bottle was complimentary, as well- so that makes VFM a wash. I would assume this bottle would cost the average Joe over $50-60. Let’s see if it’s worth that. The nose was very sweet. Raspberrries, grape must and sherry dominate the aromas. There’s no hint of alcohol and a very weak, cask note. Light vanilla and chocolate float around as well. All the sweetness is very integrated and deep. Dessert, anyone? The palate started out with sweet, milk chocolate notes, tons and tons of sherry and moscatel wine grapes. It’s relatively thick and heavily mouth coating. It’s borderline sickly sweet. There’s a little oak presence, but absolutely zero heat. The finish is chocolatey rich and oily, smooth and mouthwatering. It’s slightly warming and the sweetness lingers on for what I’d call a long finish. Overall, I had extremely high expectations and this one fell short because it really needs more wood influence and heat. This could be drizzled over cake and/or ice cream and work miracles. It’s just too sweet. There’s a big need for some zip or heat here. Thanks again, Mr B. If I had to buy a bottle I’d have to dock it, but for a free bottle it’s a 4 star dram. Honestly, I feel like 3.5 stars is more of an indication of how I feel about the overall tasting experience. Cheers.
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