Benromach Peat Smoke 2006

Peated Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

3.0 out of 5 stars
Fall is here. The evening air is crisp. Baseball playoffs are nearing. And peaty whisky starts to become the norm. A pour a this peated Speysider is tonight’s pour. There is a rubbery opening aroma, like a bicycle tire inner tube. Subtle light brown sugar sweetness intermingles. Moistened tobacco, dried apricots, apple crumb pie, cured meats, fruit juice and a touch of mineral earthiness. A somewhat disparate nose. Within a medium dense body, the scotch begins with charcoal and tar, but not overblown, but is the primary feature. There is a small heaping of black pepper which adds spiciness which follows after the initial charcoal and tar. Lemon peel with small traces of shredded coconut, apricots. Deeply rooted is some sweetness of butterscotch and vanilla. A touch of water (a teaspoon) softens the edginess and mutes the bitterness. The dram is improved. What remains on the palate for a medium length of time is lemon zest, cigar ash, oak that leaves the palate slightly dry. The impression is that there is a quality base that was injected with smoke to create a peated whisky. The smoke/char is contained but does not feel inherent or belongs; more of an afterthought. That said, it’s a decent dram, but the unpeated version of Benromach 10 is a better and a more enjoyable choice. [$75][84/100][Tasted: 9/28/18]
79.0 USD per Bottle
  • Scott_E

    @cascode I’d be curious. I do admit when I sampled some and then purchased (years ago) I thoroughly enjoyed it (hence the purchase). I wonder if it’s me that is changing (more discerning or particular) as I have tasted so many others since. The harrows of seeking whisky nirvana.

  • cascode

    @Scott_E Interesting. I really liked the 2004 peated Benromach, and I have a bottle of the 2007 in waiting. It used to be a pretty consistent dram, but in recent years it seems to have had a lot of batch variation. I might open my bottle earlier than planned in case it's not as good as hoped.

  • Soba45

    Yup agree :-)