Kilchoman Machir Bay 2015

Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
This peated whisky seems to wear its youth as a badge of honor and more power to it! This is perhaps the brightest peated whisky I’ve tried. Where, say, Caol Ila tastes like a rainy autumn day, this tastes like a bright and sunny morning full of possibilities. Love the lemon citrus notes I’m finding amongst the peat and barley. This was a Christmas present which I’ve been happily and patiently stretching out for months now. Well worth the time.
  • m_scho

    @deuce26 If I hadn’t received as a gift I’m sure I would’ve as well!

  • deuce26

    Sounds delicious. I’ve past up this bottle for too long.