Benromach Sassicaia Wood Finish 2007

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
When we stay in Italy we often visit Bolgheri, and old medieval town in Tuscany. It’s mainly known for its 5 kilometres long driveway with cypresses and the numerous wineries surrounding the town. When I learned this Benromach had been finished in Bolgherian Sassicaia wine barrels, I got very curious. We have driven by the Sassicaia grapevines many times, and the Sassicaia wine comes highly recommended, so how would a Sassicia-wood finished whisky taste like? Funnily enough, I couldn’t find it in the local wineries and shops in Bolgheri last year. To my surprise, earlier this week I finally spotted a bottle in the shop window of a wine shop when visiting San Gimignano - totally by accident, as I wasn’t actually looking for it. On the shelf inside the shop there was a 2009 bottling available, but upon request the shop owner offered me to sell the 2007 bottling from the shopwindow instead (limited edition - 3500 bottles) for the same price. The shop owner also commended me for my choice, as he found it to be a real good whisky. Initially I also wanted to buy a bottle of the actual Sassicaia wine too, just for the sake of it, but not being an avid wine drinker, I found it a bit to expensive for that. The very same evening, I couldn’t control myself any longer, so I cracked the bottle, poured a dram and took some time to savour it near the fireplace. Time well spend, as it turned out: On the nose, this Benromach is a typical Speyside dram - sweet, with touches of honey, cinnamon and apple. On the palate, similar notes appear, while accompanied with a whiff of smoke, and a just a fruity hint of the Sassicaia wine-barrels. The aftertaste is sweet, a tad fruity, and lingers just about the right time. Great dram! Bottom line: I usually prefer heavily peated whiskies over non peated ones anytime, but this this Benromach Saccicaia Wood Finish has become my instant favourite non-peaty dram overnight. I’m really going to enjoy this one whenever we’re in Tuscany.
97.0 EUR per Bottle
San Gimignano
  • DavidCeulemans

    @cascode Glad you like the review. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the Sassicaia as well!

  • cascode

    @DavidCeulemans Great review - thanks! I've been wondering what this one is like and it's available from one of the liquor shops I frequent - looks like I'll be paying them a visit soon.