Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
Diving in, everything is really quiet. It almost feels as if this Bourbon is sleeping. But, the soft nose is encapsulated in caramel drizzled raspberries, dark chocolate, cinnamon toast crunch, burnt pie crust, roasted chestnuts, Balsam Fir, fresh cut roses, coffee beans, and old wood furniture. After taking the first sip, everything comes alive with a big punch. The mid palate is dense and concentrated and breaks free into loads of classic barrel burn and baking spice on the finish. You keep tasting and tasting all the nuances as air gives it more spark. A couple drops of water helps open it up faster and brings the palate together. This is the Bourbon Street Barrel Selection (Phillipsburg, NJ), and I have to admit, the owner picked wisely as Indiana Jones did in The Last Crusade. Warehouse LE; Barrel No. 23-1M