Woody Creek Colorado Straight Bourbon

Bourbon — Colorado, USA

3.5 out of 5 stars
Securing this bottle was a bit more difficult than I had planned. I am a big fan of Woody Creek’s ryes (in particular their single barrel offering), and when I heard they had a straight bourbon I knew I needed to try it. So, on my last trip to Colorado over Thanksgiving I planned a special trip to Basalt to experience the distillery. Things did not go as planned, as a car accident diverted us off the freeway and into a blizzard. We never made it to Basalt, but I did find a bottle at a small liquor store in Steamboat Springs. Was it worth it…? Nose: Cinnamon, honey, a hint of shoe leather. Palate: Orange peel, spicy, a bit oaky. Finish is mild but long. Water adds a lovely spice to the nose, and much needed balance to the palate. Improves the finish as well. Overall: a solid offering from a good distiller. Neat, the flavors don’t quite work, but just a drop of water made a big difference for me.