Hibiki Japanese Harmony

Blended — Japan

3.75 out of 5 stars
Got this for Christmas a year before last was extremely excited to try it. Delicious at first sip. Light, light, light, and disappoints after a while because once you get over it's smooth sweetness, there is not much else going on. Very light on peat and smoke. Mostly vanilla and maybe a bit of pear. In a way, reminds me of a good Irish Whiskey, like RedBreast.
  • rbdeli

    dubz, sorry, no. I have very limited experience with Japanese Whiskies. I tasted Toki, but only briefly at a party. My memory tells me it is a bit like a good Irish single malt.

  • dubz480

    I really enjoy the Toki and here this is similar just more amplified. Curious if you have a comparison?