Yellow Spot 12 Year Single Pot Still

Single Pot Still — Ireland

4.5 out of 5 stars
Green Spot is one of my favorite Irish expressions, so I was excited to try this out and see how it holds up with additional time in the barrel. Nose: honey, vanilla, rose petals. Palate: orange peel, malt, honey. Finish is short and dry. Water: adds mildew to the nose, and sharpness to the palate and finish. Overall: a balanced, flavorful whiskey that neither harsh nor astringent.
99.99 USD per Bottle
  • 1901

    @SolanaRoots I haven't yet had Knappogue Castle 14 so I can't say. I had the 12yo which I am fond of, but I rate Green Spot a notch above it.

  • dubz480

    @Scott_E for sure I will then! And you read my mind Re: Red Spot!

  • Scott_E

    @PBMichiganWolverine I am curious though about Red Spot and will be asking the same question @dubz480 is asking now: is it worth it?

  • Scott_E

    @dubz480 I think if your curious $20 is not a huge loss. It will definitely answer your question. You will enjoy it no doubt. I would say give it a go one day. Do take your time and really dig in.

  • SolanaRoots

    @1901 Green Spot and Knappogue Castle 14 Year are both $50 near me. Do you have a preference between these two bottles?

  • 1901

    @dubz480 having tasted Green, Red, and Yellow my tuppence worth is that i would rank them in that order on taste alone. When you factor in price obviously Green Spot is well ahead for value for money. Red Spot is one I need to go back to - but if you like your drams fruity and sweet it might be in your wheelhouse as it is finished in sherry and marsala wine casks.

  • dubz480

    @PBMichiganWolverine Interesting. I am sure finding a bottle at close to that price will be a challenge.

  • PBMichiganWolverine

    @dubz480 there’s a Red Spot coming out as a regular lineup. I’m guessing demand and price will be high initially, but should stabilize out to $110-120. Seems pricey for a 15 yr old though

  • dubz480

    @Scott_E cool. Thanks for the feedback. Green Spot hits my profile so well, it's hard for me to imagine paying too much more! My local Whiskey Bar is charging $19 a pour for Yellow. Worth it you think?

  • Scott_E

    @dubz480 I agree with @Glencallen. It’s good, the Yellow, but not double to price good.

  • dubz480

    @Glencallen figured. Green Spot is so tasty for under $50!

  • Glencallen

    Good question...I would say its slightly better than Green Spot, but not worth ~2x the price I paid for this bottle. I would want to try them side-by-side some time for a true comparison, however.

  • dubz480

    Worth the extra $$ over Green Spot?