Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 9 Year (Fall 2018)

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.75 out of 5 stars
Getting down towards the bottom of my bottle of this, and realized I never got around to reviewing it. Nose - cinnamon graham crackers, apples, pie crust, lemon zest, vanilla, and oak Palate - Rich, mouth-coating flavors of caramel, graham crackers, cinnamon and baking spices. Lingering finish follows with brown sugar, cinnamon and oak. Not hugely complex but there's enough spice to balance the sweetness and keep it interesting. This is a really great bourbon. I'd say it's easily the second best wheated bourbon I've had, behind William Larue Weller.
  • isaacbmorris

    If WLW is a 10/10. What would you rate this?

  • dubz480

    Completely agree. One of those rare occasions when the Bourbon lives up to it's substantial hype.