Redemption Barrel Proof 9 Year Straight Bourbon

Bourbon — Indiana, USA

3.25 out of 5 stars
Nose - (w/o water) Sweet hot heat, lightly oaky vanilla caramels, hints of leather (w/ water) Less heat, addition of faint cherry & oaky strawberry hard candy. Taste - (w/o water) Hot, drying heat, sweet vanilla caramels, cinnamon heat, light oak (w/ water) Still drying, light addition of cherry to vanilla caramel sweet, cinnamon heat, still drying Finish - (w/o water) Hot mouth drying cinnamon tingle, vanilla caramels, light oak (w/ water) Still mouth drying, light oak, dry vanilla caramels Score - 72/100 Final Thoughts - So sadly this didn't really offer much other than a hot "standard" bourbon experience at higher proof. Luckily it wasn't as mouth drying as the barrel proof rye, but it was still there. This was just a high abv "standard" bourbon that didn't really offer much in terms of complexity other than hot heat. Would I drink it if offered? - Maybe Would I specifically order it? - No Would I buy a bottle? - No