Glengoyne 15 Year

Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

3.25 out of 5 stars
After hearing really good things about the Glengoyne distillery I noticed a 3 malt, age statement sample pack at one of the online stores I regularly make purchases from. This pack was only $17 and included 2oz pours of the 10, 15 and 18 year old. I figured now was as good of a time as any to give them a go. I reviewed the 10 year a few weeks ago, so let’s move on to the 15 year old. This one was bottled at 43% and proudly proclaims to have no added color, but I’m sure it was chill filtered. Speaking of color, this was honey gold and will reward you with medium-sized droplets and thick, runny legs after a good spin in your favorite tasting glass. The nose came charging forward with a rush of honey nut cereal notes, butterscotch and a very subdued oak presence. I gave it a little more time and some vanilla beans and a more pronounced oak flavor worked itself forward. It was a nice balance of sweetness and wood character. The palate was somewhat underwhelming, from a flavor standpoint. The oak notes dominated this aspect and were overly harsher than I’d expected. There was a buttery note that calmed things on the back end, but there wasn’t any complexity to be found. I think the flavor profile was better with the 10 year old here, sadly. The finish was short-to-medium in length and rather oily. Again, unremarkable for a respectable 15 year age statement. Overall, this is a decent malt that you could add an ice cube to and make it a walk around cocktail, but there isn’t enough action to sit around and analyze this thing from a neat drinker’s viewpoint. I’m trying to look at it like this rather than just pronounce it boring and average because it’s still a quality and reasonably priced single malt. If you’re looking for excitement, however, I’d look elsewhere. Hopefully the 18 will deliver on the complexity. It’s still a solid 3 star whisky. Cheers, my friends.
6.0 USD per Pour
  • Soba45

    @LeeEvolved Definitely try the 21.. and I'll let you know if the 25 is worth it :-)

  • LeeEvolved

    @cascode @Soba45 - I see a lot of people around here giving Glengoyne lots of props and based on the 10 & 15 I just don’t see it. Hopefully the 18 will change my overall impression.

  • Soba45

    @cascode Ah I was wondering where it started getting good. 12 was crap, and it sounds like 10 and 15 didn't amount to much so will be interesting to see how lee rates the 18. It's only $90USD here.

  • cascode

    For me the 18 year old is where Glengoyle lifts from just above average to very good.