Rollins Tennessee Whiskey

Tennessee — Tennessee, USA

2.5 out of 5 stars
Take this one at face value.. it’s unfair to compare this to a $100+ bottle of bourbon it’s also unfair to compare it to good scotch. This can be compared to Jack Daniels. With this in mind we can say this is a good spirit in its class. If I had a choice out of this or JD, I would happily have this one. Tasting neat in a glen cairn. NOSE: Young and sweet Old oily vanilla pods Surface cleaner mock sweetness Unripe green apples in the background Iron metallic ARRIVAL: Caramel Vanilla Mouth drying DEVELOPMENT: Wood char and cinnamon More dry sappy wood note FINISH: Cinnamon drags out like you did the challenge A little front of palate Thai chilli heat Burned sugar I’m keen to try this in a whiskey sour. Cheers!
50.0 AUD per Bottle