Elijah Craig Small Batch

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

Disclaimer: Bourbon Street Store Pick - Serial Number 5704956 Aged 12-Years Nose: Stands it’s ground with root beer barrels, brown sugar, chocolate coated caramel, kettle corn, swisher sweet tobacco, peppercorn medley, sassafras wood, and new leather. Palate: Firm wood tannins with a high enough viscosity to coat all angles of your tongue. The root beer notes really transfer to the flavors on the palate and eventually the finish. Velvety like mouth feel. Superb. Finish: Medium to medium long with lingering notes of creamy corn, caramel and spicy root beer barrels. This all finishes up with a lingering chocolate leather note in the back end. Simply delicious. As you work this bottle down, tons of sweet caramels start to come to fruition. This barrel pick really offers a solid amount of spiciness and structure. I get a lot more on the finish with this compared to the regular small batch expression. These store picks of Elijah Craig can be something special, and I found just that with this bottle.