Heaven Hill Select Stock Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.5 out of 5 stars
Barrels #44829-44835 8 year wheated bourbon finished for 21 months in Cognac Nose - (w/o water) Rich brown simple, caramels, milk chocolate, fruity glazed sweet roasted nuts, sweet leather/tobacco (w/ water) Preserves the nose but softens/lightens/brightens the nose and it isn't as "dark" Taste - (w/o water) Sweet dark caramels, cinnamon/white pepper heat/tingle emerges, milk chocolates, sweet macadamia praline, sweet leather/tobacco dryness (w/ water) Reduces the initial heat/tingle, slightly more drying, delays the heat/tingle until the very end while preserving all of the undiluted flavors Finish - (w/o water) Lingering heat/tingle, rich spicy caramels, milk chocolate, light oaky/dark chocolate bitter (w/ water) Heat is intensified here, similar finish w/o the bitter Score - 92/100 Final Thoughts - This is quite amazing. It has all the classic bourbon flavors, very well balanced, and although I don't get too much cognac influence I think it added that slight bit of fruity mellowness to the spirit. This handled water amazingly well and I think actually enhances the nose & the palate with the delayed heat/tingle. Would I drink it if offered? - Yes Would I specifically order it? - Yes Would I buy a bottle? - If I could find one at a reasonable price