Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.75 out of 5 stars
Getting back into some good tastings finally this year and with Woodford's Double Oak that can't be a coincidence. The folks at Woodford are all about the barreling and with this one they have definitely figured it out. Nose: a plethora of flora, a bouquet of the best, some rose, lilac and gardenia all come to mind among the best potpourri, but wait, THERE'S MORE! Submerged in the florists shop we have caramels and brown sugars to remind us, after all, this is BOURBON and not just any bourbon but the one Woodford regards as premium. Judged on the nose alone, this is a 5 star, 7th game of the World Series walk off home run. The nose is really that good. Palate: So what does all that great olfactory mean when we get to the actual juice on the tongue? Oh yes, more good stuff, here is where you can actually get some of that oak taste going, the early toasted oak gives way to a warm sweet amber caramelization, light vanillins and a hint of fruit bowl flavors. As described by the distillers, this is "toasted" not charred oak and the difference is in your face noticeable. It's remarkable how much of a flavoring wallop Woodford packs into this with extra barreling, and while that has to show a cost factor, the end result is the "proof" it is worth it. Finish: Among the lightness and warmth we get back more of the floral aspects, small hints of baking spices and brown sugars. Everything that makes you want to come back for more, nothing that doesn't. Woodford has proven not only do they understand the finer points of barrel crafting bourbon but they have mastered them as well. While the standard Woodford mash has proven acceptable for a midrange or near top shelf quality of bourbon, with the oaking process they have achieved the next level in master craftsmanship. Those who follow me at Distiller will attest that I rarely say "must try" in any of my reviews but if you don't try Woodford's Double Oak you might as well pull your own teeth and say you're a dentist. Until you try the Double Oak you just haven't tried Woodford. The Double Oak is proof you don't have to be a 120+ proof dragon fuel juice to be a very top quality dram. While some Johnnie Walker and Stagg Jr guzzlers may say "not enough heat or smoke to make me happy", to them I say good day, but let the professionals handle the good stuff while you melt your shot glasses and dive for a swig of water. While the limited release Masters Collections have not always lived up to the expectations, the Double Oak and it's relative easy price makes it a standout. With the Double Oak, smoking an Archetype Dreamstate robusto in conn. wrapper. Cheers! Note, I recently conducted a store barrel sampling for purchase of a barrel so when these bottles arrive there will be an update.
53.0 USD per Bottle
  • dubz480

    Nice Review! 💯 agree, this is a big tasty upgrade over the standard Woodford and worth the extra coin. Have not presonally had a store pick myself, but if the batch product is damn tasty I am sure the store picks are even better!