Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey

Wheat Whiskey — Kentucky, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
This was one of the first brown spirits I purchased, so my first review is fairly primitive (though still accurate). Thought I'd re-review a little more in-depth. APPEARANCE: Pours into the Glencairn a light copper color and develops skinny, fast moving legs after a quick swirl. NOSE: Dry, dry, dry. Dry wheat toast. Dry grass. Dry, dusty oak. There is a sweet sugary note in the background that just eludes description. It borders on floral and reminds me a bit of wildflower honey? The longer it is in the glass, the more prominent it becomes... and the more crazy it drives me that I can't identify it. NEAT: Thin mouthfeel. Comes in sweet with Vanilla and Honey. A hint of Coca-Cola, maybe? A good dose of oak. Slightly hot and finishing with bitter oak notes and mint clinging to the palate. I occasionally get a hint of cocoa. SPLASH: Really ups the sweetness. The Cola note is definitely there now. Still a touch bitter on the finish, but less so. The dark chocolate really is more assertive on the finish as well. VERDICT: An excellent whiskey! Not the most complex, but I really enjoy it. I'm at a loss as to why I haven't had it in so long. Bernheim is delicious in a rocks glass with a large cube. Sweet and Oaky with a definite chocolate note on the finish. This could definitely be a summer time sipper. Kudos to Heaven Hill for this unique age-stated product. I would love to see special releases of this in the future. Single Barrel? 10 Year? Cask Strength? Store Picks? So, Heaven Hill, if you're listening.......
28.0 USD per Bottle
  • BDanner

    @Benji-Robert, will definitely try next time I need a brown spirit in a recipe.

  • Benji-Robert

    love this review, love bernheims. I know what you mean about that treacle/honeysuckle note in the nose that keeps you guessing. Almost like how a gourmet sweet has different layers and elements of sweetness without cloying your mouth. It is FANTASTIC for cooking. The dry, sweet wheat flavor melds and enhances just about any marinade or sauce I've splashed a touch in. An easy one to try may be the tea-brined chicken with bourbon bbq sauce by southern living. IMO under $30 and Bernie's is a deal.

  • dubz480

    Nice review and agree. It's a simple tasty drinker for sure.