Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey

Wheat Whiskey — Kentucky, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
This was one of the first brown spirits I purchased, so my first review is fairly primitive (though still accurate). Thought I'd re-review a little more in-depth. APPEARANCE: Pours into the Glencairn a light copper color and develops skinny, fast moving legs after a quick swirl. NOSE: Dry, dry, dry. Dry wheat toast. Dry grass. Dry, dusty oak. There is a sweet sugary note in the background that just eludes description. It borders on floral and reminds me a bit of wildflower honey? The longer it is in the glass, the more prominent it becomes... and the more crazy it drives me that I can't identify it. NEAT: Thin mouthfeel. Comes in sweet with Vanilla and Honey. A hint of Coca-Cola, maybe? A good dose of oak. Slightly hot and finishing with bitter oak notes and mint clinging to the palate. I occasionally get a hint of cocoa. SPLASH: Really ups the sweetness. The Cola note is definitely there now. Still a touch bitter on the finish, but less so. The dark chocolate really is more assertive on the finish as well. VERDICT: An excellent whiskey! Not the most complex, but I really enjoy it. I'm at a loss as to why I haven't had it in so long. Bernheim is delicious in a rocks glass with a large cube. Sweet and Oaky with a definite chocolate note on the finish. This could definitely be a summer time sipper. Kudos to Heaven Hill for this unique age-stated product. I would love to see special releases of this in the future. Single Barrel? 10 Year? Cask Strength? Store Picks? So, Heaven Hill, if you're listening.......
28.0 USD per Bottle
  • dubz480

    Nice review and agree. It's a simple tasty drinker for sure.