Arran Sauternes Cask Finish Single Malt

Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

4.0 out of 5 stars
Nose: A very unique fragrance, a mix of bananas, honey, unripened lemon zest. Nutmeg with a hint of peanut oil appear with a delicate vanilla flower note. Apples are very apparent, but a green apple (green jolly rancher) with white grapes and a light salt note. The nose is very dry, white and green fruit notes are predominant, similar almost to a light champagne. Adding water really brings out an herbal note, reminiscent of walking through a vegetable garden. Palate: A heavier sweetness comes in the taste, overpowering honey and white grapes, the sauternes influence almost makes you think you're tasting white wine. Delicate and floral with the lightness and bitterness of lemon rinds. Very dry feeling on the tongue and easy going considering the 50% ABV. Finish: Medium length with a slight oak, even more so after adding water