Redemption Barrel Proof 10 Year High-Rye Bourbon (2017 Edition)

Bourbon — Indiana, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
Just picked a bottle of this up (6/5/2019), so I'm guessing it's not the 2017 edition; but it's 10yr Barrel Proof High-Rye Bourbon, 114.4 proof. The nose is classic MGP bourbon - oak, brown sugar, orange peel, baking spices, leather and some varnish (but in a good way). Enough heat to let you know it's barrel proof, but not to the point of being harsh. Palate follows the nose - brown sugar, oak, and baking spices dominate. There's an earthy quality but not to the point of adding off-notes. Finish is oaky but not astringent, the sweetness lingers along with some rye spice (but none of the herbal/dill notes that I get from MGP straight ryes). After adding a few drops of water and giving this some time to breathe in the glass, it just got better, with the brown sugar notes becoming more prominent (but without diminishing the oak and spice). All in all this is a really good example of well-aged MGP bourbon, and at $75 it was a relative bargain compared to similarly aged offerings from other NDP's. Stuff like Boone County and Widow Jane are a few bucks cheaper but also substantially lower in proof. Belle Meade Cask strength can be found for under $70, but it's NAS and obviously younger. Strangely, this was $20 cheaper than the Redemption 9yr low-rye barrel strength on the same shelf.
76.0 USD per Bottle
  • jsk

    @dubz480 my local Total Wine has been a little erratic with pricing lately, not sure why. In addition to this, I got a bottle of Sam Houston 12yr for about 15 less than elsewhere, meanwhile they're selling Barrell DoveTail for about $45 too much.

  • dubz480

    Nice review and great price. Typically see it for a C-Note by me (same as the 9yr). I agree it's a nice pour!