Jack Daniel's Old No. 7

Tennessee — Tennessee, USA

2.75 out of 5 stars
Nose: This is leaning to the sweet side. Banana flavored Runts, vanilla pudding, and Popcorn flavored Jelly Beans. If you let this sit in the glass undisturbed, I tend to get a little chemical thing going on. The wood notes are buried 6-feet under, but if you’re really digging, you can find them. Palate: All the corn notes rush up front, and towards the mid-palate underripe banana takes over. Extremely spiky and rough. Drinks aggressive and hot. You can tell there is a lot of young juice in here. Thin viscosity as well. Finish: Banana seems to dominate once again. Oddly, you get a lot of burn and heat in your chest. On the tail end of the finish, it gets a little metallic. All the harshness of this Whiskey would be alleviated in a cola. For the price point, I would try some other expressions from different distilleries. But, having this on the shelf is always a good idea because of the name recognition. It serves as a good starting point for people to compare other whiskies to.