Benromach Imperial Proof

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.25 out of 5 stars
I first experienced Benromach through the 10 year and found it to be a well crafted, flavorful dram. The Peat Smoke was good but not equal to the 10. Now the Imperial was provided through a generous pour by @Telex. This is one I have not seen in my region and appreciate the opportunity to finally taste. Some research details that this was cashed 80% ex-Bourbon, 20% ex-Sherry & 12 month Oloroso cask finish. All served at 117 proof. The color is a yellowish brown. There is a faint leather opening and mustiness that greets the nose. This pattern holds for a fair length. And then the sweetness arrives. Butterscotch, apple crumb pie with cinnamon and caramel drizzle. Buttered whole wheat toast and roasted, glazed walnuts. A full and busy nose, but it’s not disjointed. The body is thick and velvety and slides in indiscreetly and then explodes with a potpourri of flavors: spice, sweet, mineral or earthiness and wood. Brown sugar, caramel, cream soda, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, oak, oak char, toasted coconut, oranges and apples. A touch of water brightens the nose and the caramel and sugar comes forward. The sweetness on the palate is also amplified and the spiciness squelched. However, the weightiness and thickness of the body is diminished. An oaky dryness coupled with traces of caramel and brown sugar provide a long finish. Oak char, tobacco and mint are detectable and all flavors ride out to a deep, warm finish. This really needs time, lots of time, to lure the aromas and flavors. The high proof provides some weight and beefiness to the malt. It’s sweet enough to enjoy after a meal and may pair well with a cigar given the spice and sweet. The addition of water provides a sweeter dram and provides and opportunity to enjoy this in two variations, depending on your mood. A beefed-up 10 Year. Quite well crafted; quite tasty; quite good. [90/100][Tasted: 6/21/19]
  • LeeEvolved

    Great review, Scott. I think I should’ve added some water to my pour because it seemed like the wood spices really kept everything else blocked out for me. I would’ve loved to have found the complexities that you described, because this dram really punches above its weight class as a 10yo. I may have to seek out a bottle and just go through it slowly and experiment with some water. Any extra depth would’ve already bumped the score higher for me. Cheers.

  • KRB80

    One of my favs of all time!!!!