Timorous Beastie 18 Year

Blended Malt — Highlands, Scotland

4.75 out of 5 stars
Creme Brulee, Armagnac Hors D'age, eucalyptus, dusty cocoa powder, peaches, soft caramel, nectarines, orange peels, floral almonds and fragrant (hi-end) marzipan. Dried yellow fruits, bit of ginger. Citrus, not quite lemon. Faintly tropical - bit of mango. Medium dark and milky chocolate. Slightly waxy. red fruits. raisins, sherry, slight port note. cream. dates, stone fruits. cloud berries. gooseberries. wood shavings, fresh succulent bourbon. baked apples. Walnut. Frozen yogurt note (which I tend to get in non chill filtered malts), cardamom, bright sharp Ix'mas spices, nicely contrasted with the softness one gets from the age here. Vanilla, treacle, light honey, turbinado sugar. Oak bark and white pepper. Sassafras / root beer. Delicate maltiness. AGE, maturity like nobody's business, something that really comes out with air in the bottle over time. I highly doubt this is a flat 18 year old blend. Drier and sharper but also quite a bit richer with a drop of water added. licorice. white pepper. more ginger. slight nettle. more brown spices, brown sugar. An unidentifiable earthy, floral note in the back here. .. Truffles? Medium viscosity. Silky mouthfeel. Mineral. Drying finish. Classic Highlander.
93.0 USD per Bottle