Bunnahabhain Moine

Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

3.0 out of 5 stars
Nose: Heavy charcoal peat smoke dominates, but there's also fruit (pear and green apple) and a chocolate note. Taste: Viscous for 46.3% abv and smoke smoke smoke! As it develops the apple along with a hint of chocolate-covered cherry come in. Finish: Medium, with a oak, smoke char, peat smoke, chocolate, raisin and slight nuttiness. On the tail end is a sour funkiness I can't quite describe but isn't very pleasant. Value: $65 USD; overpriced for what you get. Final Thoughts: Glad I got to try this unique NAS pour from Bunnahabhain, but compared to other peated single malts at the price point, this one fades in the face of the competition. It's got a bit of that classic Bunna profile but it's youth is evident. Score: 3/5 Try or buy at a good price Cheers to @LeeEvolved for sharing this sample with me!
  • Rabbit_in_Red

    @LeeEvolved I was able to get my hands on a bottle of the Moine Bordeaux cask I’ll be sure to bottle you up a sample when I open it

  • LeeEvolved

    Yeah, this one really fell flat- especially as I got further down the bottle. Bunny makes damn fine sherried whisky and I think they should probably stick to their wheelhouse and leave the peaty beasts to the proper houses on Islay. I have heard good things about the various finishing casks for Moine, though. Who knows? Great review, though. Glad I saved you a few bucks for the pour and possibly even more if you had thought about buying a bottle. Cheers.