Craigellachie 13 Year

Single Malt — Speyside, Scotland

4.25 out of 5 stars
HONEY caramel, like a full young brandy. Hint of apples and a hint of pears. Sulfur-smoke. Canned fruit cocktail fruits, red ones, yellow ones. Tangerines, grapefruit and pomegranate. Orange peels. Yellows and mellows with time in the bottle. Reminiscent of an unpeated Caol Ila. (I could have sworn I got a whiff of something wet sherry cask-like, HP-like, almost heathery, out of the bottle one day, but I've lost it.) Gooseberries, apricot marmalade, cream, vanilla sugar. Cloudberry marmalade and thick sweet sour cream (a combination I tried in some pancake roll ups once. Delicious.) Frozen yogurt. Sassafras root. Ginger. Molasses, rum-like. Dense waxy malt. Malty. Chili note. Cocoa powder, dusty cocoa. Bit bitter. Classic style dry SELTZER WATER. Mineral. Old oak, in the background, like oak furniture sitting in an old wood house. Walnuts. HONEY, natural, pungent, unprocessed. The sulfur tones ever so slightly down and marries with the caramel fullness of this dram with aeration. A heavy but not at all harsh maltiness. They say this has a meaty character to it, but I would say it is *bready*. Specifically, I get bread *sticks*. Kind you get in restaurants. Touch of olive oil. Tiny bit of garlic.