Absolut Lime

Flavored Vodka — Sweden

3.0 out of 5 stars
Ok I bought this on a whim, it was on sale for $16.99 and it was 97° out today. On a hot summer afternoon I will normally turn to my trusty gin and tonic or perhaps a margarita, today I felt adventurous and this lime vodka sounded refreshing. For me vodka has always been one of those spirits that is somewhat blasé, nondescript, lacking character and depth. The Northern Europeans & Russians have been distilling vodka for centuries, and enjoying straight up. Bloody Mary...ok, neat... not so much. So for me vodka has always been a mixer, it excels in its versatility. So what about this one? Well I enjoyed it and I was right, it’s quite refreshing. The nose will definitely throw you off, it really does have a sweet/sour jolly rancher or or lime chuckles candy twang, not at all like a real lime. The body was balanced pretty well, not overly sweet, the (artificial) lime flavor was present but not overpowering, kind of a silky smoothness that definitely wasn’t harsh, a little vodka bitterness on the short finish. I chilled this and had it with a big cube and it held up pretty well. Adding seltzer or tonic simply made the flavor too subtle for me. All in all this was a enjoyable change, perfect for a hot summer afternoon. I would’ve given this one 3.25 ⭐️ if the lime flavor was more natural, alas it’s not.
16.99 USD per Bottle