Evan Williams Black Label

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

Nose: Cherry Airheads, sweet corn mash, honeyed granola, and some slight ethanol pops through. Simple, inviting, and sweet. Palate: Honey sweetness loads up the initial palate, but the cherry notes climb and climb in the mid-palate. Sweet corn and barrel bitterness pushes in the back. Thin to medium viscosity. Finish: Some bitterness sticks to the finish, but mainly this finishes grain-forward and without much sustain. Sitting at 86 proof, however, allows you to feel some heat and get some barrel spices along the way. I would recommend this as a casual mixer that would give you a nice punch of proof compared to your standard 80 proofers out there. For the price, this gives you some character.
10.0 USD per Bottle