Nose: Extremely accessible for sitting at 117 proof. You can really dig your nose all the way into the glass without feeling like you burned off your nose. Notes of brown sugar toffee with nuts, creamy corn, fig newtons, and spicy Mexican vanilla engulf the nose. Underneath, the oak stands it ground with remnants of nutmeg and burnt toast. Palate: All the fig, corn, nuts and toffee transfer to the initial and mid-palate. The notes stay centered as well. This is mouth watering and savory, accessing umami flavors. Even though there is a lot of flavor here, it still stays lighter and more inviting than most barrel proof expressions. Finish: A nice Kentucky Hug takes its grip on your chest, but the burn is surprisingly minimal. The flavors from the nose linger past your bedtime. The spicy vanilla and toffee notes swell and stick with you for at least a minute or two. Overall, this is solid as they come. The price point keeps you coming back for more. I like seeing a respectful age-statement, 7-years, which in today's world is a good age. I believe this is sourced from Heaven Hill by Lux Row Distillers.
39.99 USD per Bottle