El Jolgorio Espadín Mezcal

Mezcal Joven — Oaxaca, Mexico

4.0 out of 5 stars
Edition 08: / Harvest: 2006 / 47.8% ABV Rafael Méndez Cruz According to the label, this espadin was harvested at the age of 10 years. Further research reveals that this edition was made from wild angustifolia agave that were cultivated as a capon, where the flowering stalk of the pina is cut before the quiote shoots up, which leaves all the sugars that would have been used as energy for the quiote instead stay concentrated within the pina. Also, after distillation this edition was supposedly rested in glass for an additional 10 years which oxidizes the spirit and rounds out/harmonizes all the flavors. Aromas of vanilla, blueberries, grilled asparagus, and slight wintergreen. Flavor has more impact with notes of roasted agave, raw broccoli, vanilla, herbs, and wintergreen atop a buttery caramel backbone. The minty caramel notes continue into the medium-length finish with a sprinkle of black pepper and pine. Very smooth for it's nearly 48% abv. All-in-all, an excellent espadin and one of the very best showcasings of this predominantly used agave.
90.0 USD per Bottle