TINCUP American Whiskey

Other Whiskey — Indiana (bottled in Colorado), USA

3.5 out of 5 stars
This is one I haven't had in a while, so I picked up a bottle on sale last week. This whiskey debuted just before the Templeton controversy encouraged lots of NDP's to come clean with their sources. They were very vague about the source of their product, but did give you the percent of rye in the mash bill. It was only very recently that I learned they were blending it with Colorado Single Malt (Stranahan's I assume). Not sure if this was the case from the beginning or a recent development. Let's re-review, shall we? NOSE: At first there is an overwhelming sweet note, but give it a few minutes in the glass and the Rye takes the driver's seat. Savory notes of Rye Bread and Dill. Straw and Old Leather. Very Dry and Dusty Oak. The sweeter vanilla notes are there but in a supporting role. NEAT: The Dry Dusty Oak and Leather transfer to the palate. Harkens back to chewing on the laces of your Baseball Glove between batters on a hot Saturday morning. There is a light Vanilla mid-palate. Not overly complex, but what it does have works very well. The rye is so prominent here that it almost hints at some of the High West offerings, like Double Rye or Campfire (minus the peat). At a slightly under proofed 84, there is no burn and it finishes with a light Oak, Vanilla and Mint coating the palate. SPLASH: A few drops of water really highlight the Dill and Savory Umami Notes on the nose, while bringing some Black Pepper and Black Licorice to the palate. VERDICT: I like this one and definitely see the value of keeping a bottle in my collection at all times. Complex without being complicated if that makes sense. I'm surprised how much the rye notes dominate. It really does drink like a rye. A good pour when you just want to relax and not think too much about what is in your glass.
30.0 USD per Bottle
  • OldDude

    Yeah I enjoyed it too. I think a lot of “sourced” bourbons don’t get the level of appreciation many of the Scotch & Irish cousins get for whatever reason.

  • BeppeCovfefe

    Good read! Reminds me a bit of BladeNBow, just because the bottle is a bit gimmicky doesn't mean the contents are bad.