Pulteney 2006 11 Year Cask Ends (Cadenhead's)

Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

3.5 out of 5 stars
Did you ever try new-make? After 11 years in a lazy refill cask, this independent bottling of Old Pulteney remains utterly spirit-driven. Clean, light and very citrusy, the aroma starts with cereals, sour grapes and mint leaf before subtle notes of yeast, white fish and salt emerge. The arrival is crisp, herbal and sparkling, followed by unripe pears, honey and distant tannins in the development. Not very complex, but enjoyable. Over-brewed tea, lemongrass and Ika Mata accompany the minty-fresh aftertaste. This Single Malt would make a great toothpaste! RATING: 3.4/5.0 stars ≙ 82 pts → ABOVE AVERAGE [-]
21.0 EUR per Bottle
  • Richard-ModernDrinking

    @Slainte-Mhath Haven’t see that one in the London store but I’ll keep an eye out for it. Their selection tends to number only a half dozen options at a time, but I have picked up some great ones, including Moidart 10, a historic blend of Springbank and Bruichladdich that was discontinued years ago.

  • Slainte-Mhath

    @Richard-ModernDrinking The best bargain of the entire Cadenhead's 'Cask Ends' range is the 7-year-old Islay malt (an undisclosed Kildalton distillery), which is one of the rare independent bottlings of Lagavulin. It will be my next review in a week or two.

  • Richard-ModernDrinking

    Nice, but how am I going to be able to maintain my supplies of cask ends if you're sharing the secret?

  • Slainte-Mhath

    Additional comment: Tasted as part of Cadenhead's 'Cask Ends' series, where they sell leftovers in their Campbeltown and Edinburgh stores. Make sure to check out their range of 20 cl bottles when you are on a visit to Scotland! The same Single Malt was also sold in 70 cl bottles as part of Cadenhead's 'Authentic Collection'.