Nose: Cinnamon powdered donut, corn syrup, double mint gum, cashew butter, sweet grass, and black pepper Palate: Lighter mouth feel than one would expect from a 103 proofer. The corn syrup note pushes on the initial and mid-palate, but the spices and nuttiness are prevalent as well. The spice notes keep this bourbon alive. Finish: The finish really focuses on bitter green notes and cinnamon powder This is definitely sweet, however, it retains its spiciness. The finish leans on the front of your palate and is a little short. Overall, for being 103 proof and under $20.00, this is worth grabbing. You can tell they have some younger juice in here. It was originally produced to compete with Wild Turkey 101, but in my eyes, it is not quite there.
19.99 USD per Bottle
  • BDanner

    Hate I never tried the 6YR age stated version of this. I agree WT101 is miles ahead of this one, but it is also almost $10 more in my area. My bottle was on sale for $16 and I felt for that price it was a good value. A little too sweet for me though.

  • Ctrexman

    Nice review , I agree WT 101 takes this behind the woodshed