Saint Cloud Kentucky Bourbon 2016 Batch #1

Bourbon — Kentucky , USA

3.0 out of 5 stars
A bit of a polarizing whisky and frankly, extremely expensive 3 year old bourbon. Nose - funky oak, bright caramel, just sticky sweet, and then more light oak. A really unique nose, the french oak is really adding something special here. I however expect many will find the funk off putting and yes there's fresh young alcohol spirit. I also get green apples, some corn, and well grain alcohol. There's a touch of metallic notes as well. Taste - slightly medicinal, funky oak, alcohol, sour notes, and lots of every changing oak character. I really like the flavors here but I could see someone just as easily thinking it's under aged and awful. I think the big issue or confusion is that this doesn't taste like bourbon to me. One note - just add a few drops of water to this from the start. It's just a far better experience. Finish - linger sweetness and more traditional oak notes. It's nearly 90 bucks a bottle (a cool as heck bottle) so I'm just scoring it 3.0, but frankly this is a polarizing bottle. If you have any questions in your head or aren't adventurous, pass.
90.0 USD per Bottle