Blackened Whiskey

Other Whiskey — Multiple Countries

Tasted September 3, 2019
3.5 out of 5 stars
Nose: musty fruits, candy hearts, barrel char, slight baking spices, vanilla. Taste: wood, sour fruit, and a muddling of the nose notes. More: I really wanted to love this whiskey. But it's sort of a mess. Are there interesting notes there? Yes. But they are so muddled together and messy it's hard to pick it apart. In general this whiskey feels like a rushed product. They wanted it in a year so they rushed the sourcing, rushed the "aging" and came out with a rushed product. I love Dave Pickerel, I love a lot of what he did. I don't love this whiskey. Is it bad? No... Is it good? Maybe... Do I love it? No. I am glad it is at a fair price point.