Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky

Canadian — Canada

1.0 out of 5 stars
I used to drink this around 22/23 years ago when I had zero experience with whisky. Now that I have a lot more experience with different styles of whisky, I decided to revisit this brand. On first taste: wow, I actually used to drink this by choice? The nose is predominantly alcohol (the "disinfectant" descriptor is pretty close). The flavor is very alcohol heavy, and not in an "alcohol heat" way like other whiskys, but more like rubbing alcohol. It actually reminded me of cheap Brazilian cachaça. That's all good and fine if you're drinking cachaça, but not when you're drinking whisky. The finish had only a slight hint of sweetness, but it was more like a fleeting glance out of the corner of your eye. I added a small amount of water hoping it might mellow the alcohol and allow other flavors to show through. The water did mellow the "disinfectant" flavor a little bit, but nothing else really came out. I tried mixing it with Coke which made it more palatable, but there was still that harsh alcohol flavor in the finish. On a positive note, it does seem to mix well with lemonade (similar to a whisky sour), so at least I have a way to finish the bottle without just throwing it out.