Aberfeldy 16 Year

Single Malt — Scotland

3.5 out of 5 stars
Aberfeldy was my first ever purchased single malt brand. While I prefer peated drams nowadays, the 12 year old was a huge step up from the cheaper blends I tasted before. At a dinner with friends, I noticed the restaurant served this Aberfeldy 16 as it's premium whisky choice. While I'm accustomed to it's 12 years old variant, I never had a taste of this older sibling. As far as my memory goes, the nose it pretty similar to the Aberfeldy 12 and reveals hits of apples, raisins, and more prominently, some caramel. The palate is full, round bodied and adds some more apple, but also some not-too-sweet honey. The Oloroso influences are noticeable, but not too apparent. The finish is rather moderate, and adds a slight - but pleasant - oakyness. While not peated, I still love Aberfeldy. I feel it's sometimes a bit underrated, but in my opinion it's price-quality is top notch. This 16 year old was definitely a perfect dram on a great evening with friends!
15.0 EUR per Pour