Compass Box Flaming Heart (Sixth Edition)

Peated Blended Malt — Scotland

1.75 out of 5 stars
Nose - smokey under tone. I get a deep earthy peat here, like the ground a few days after a camp fire. Followed by a lot of sherry - they claim subtle sherry, this ain't subtle. I do however still get some vanilla and bourbon oak as well. I'm forgetting the blend but I'm pretty sure we're looking at talisker and caol ila (sure about some of that one) for the peat. I get some talisker spice (I know I'll be called out as wrong for that but I'm risking it) and there's just a nature of Caol Ila I can't place but gives me this note. Maybe a bit of grassy oily waxy elements at the sweetness as well (I'll likely be wrong on that whisky in the mix too so I won't mention it, lol). Taste - Wow the flavor isn't what I expected. The bottle has been open since launch and been near half a bottle since launch (I hit this one hard to start). I get a berry, then a distinct vinegar based BBQ, touch of smoke, vanilla, some older oak, some leather, tobacco. I've never gotten this vinegar BBQ ever, i get a very "springbank" BBQ note, but NOTHING like this. This is sweet honey BBQ. As it tames that BBQ goes and I get a bit of a Caragiale like notes. The finish is pretty unique, bitter, touch of citrus, oak, vanilla, touch of sulfur, and a bit stale. I was going to give this one some fine notes for the nose but the flavor has dropped off. There's a lot of interesting flavor here, but none of it goes well together. I just can't give a compass box with peat a 1.5. 1.75 and only because of my bias. 150 bucks - just pass.
150.0 USD per Bottle