Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof

Tennessee — Tennessee, USA

4.5 out of 5 stars
A boozy nose bursts with notes of wood polish, demerara syrup, honey roasted peanuts, sweet oak, dark toffee, and banana. There's corn mash here, too, and hints of the sticky-sweet proof bomb lurking therein. Finally, there's a fleeting medical woodsy on the tail end of the nose that is not unlike an authentic root beer, anise, or horehound candy. It's a caramel bomb--and one for those who like not only dark sugars, but slightly burnt ones as well. Yet all the while, there are the assertive banana and clove notes. The palate is oily, leading at first with beer nuts, old wooden furniture, black tea, fruity pepper, clove, and slight tannins which are subdued enough not to distract from the sweetness. The caramel is still here, and shifts immediately into the first and most prominent note of the finish: leather. It's like licking a new saddle-hide wallet. There's also peanut brittle, charred oak, and more bananas. Seriously, there are lots of bananas. The note with the final word is the medical earthy tea flavor accompanied by an effervescent warming sensation. The finish lasts quite a while and is impeccably smooth and sweet for the proof. An excellent whiskey!