W.B. Saffell Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

4.0 out of 5 stars
Batch 1 limited run sour mash whisky sitting at a nice 107 proof. N: Maple syrup immediately with walnut and a floral note (geranium?). Hints of mint and lemon zest show up afterwards. Once it's had room to breathe, it starts to smell like a pecan pie with caramel drizzle and a dusting of cinnamon...and occasional hints of rye and corn. P: Initial hit of rye grain fades quickly into a nutty walnut mid-palate with some heat. This eventually turns into a sweet, then bitter, campfire wood (not smokey, just earthy) F: Earthy, alternating sweet and bitter, raw cocoa. Honestly this is one of the best pours I've had in a while. The profile here isn't usually my thing, but it's very well executed and at this high proof it plays perfectly. Definitely proofed to taste. More cinnamon on second nosing