Whyte & Mackay Special Blended Scotch

Blended — Scotland

1.75 out of 5 stars
Nose: Toffee, caramel, brown sugar, butter - it's a heavy and sweet nose and there is an odd note that takes a while to track down - it's chicory, which is a seldom found aroma in scotch whisky. Palate: A firm, strident arrival that has dark fruits and molasses in abundance. As it develops, vegetal spiciness appears together with a tense flavour of hard toffee - it's like peanut brittle that was cooked too long and almost burnt. This lingers throughout the taste. The texture is OK, but nothing to extol, and a little ethanol tinge is discernable. Finish: Medium/short. There is not much length but there's a lingering bittersweet note of horehound, which is a very rare thing to notice in whisky. This is big old-fashioned bruiser of a type you don't see much anymore. It's not subtle or nuanced at all - you know the expression "a bull in a china shop"? Well, yeah, that's this whisky. It has a robust brown sugar core and a slightly unusual herbal quality (I can't think of any other whisky where I've noticed both chicory and horehound) however the foundation malt is unfortunately rather flat and dull. The funky herbal notes would be welcome in dark rum but because they are out of place here they seem off. The palate is harder to like than the nose as it has a really uncompromising burnt sugar quality, but again it's not actually bad - just kind of rough (Jim Murray famously compared this whisky to the enjoyment of rough sex). I can't hate this as much as many folks here, and I certainly think it's worth more than a rating of 65 (but maybe not much more - say 70). I'd drink it at a bar in a pinch, particularly if Grants was the only alternative. To its credit it has none of the rubbery, ethanol and tannic blemishes of Castle Rock, Label 5, Highland Earl or many other bottom shelf scotches, but at the asking price it's not worth a recommendation. There are some way better blends for less money. Don't take it neat - it's not up to it and you'll only hurt yourself - restrain it with cola or dry ginger and lots of ice and it goes down just fine. "Adequate" : 1.75 stars
40.0 AUD per Bottle
  • Ctrexman

    Boy I think ide give rough sex more than 1.75

  • Generously_Paul

    All the burnt sugar notes you mentioned reminds me of the Kirkland 12 blend