Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon 9 Year (2019 Limited Edition)

Bourbon — Kentucky, USA

3.75 out of 5 stars
Nose leads with leather, vanilla, fresh apples, some orange peel, and a tiny bit of nuttiness. Maybe a faint floral note in the background? Not much oak. A little bit of ethanol at first, which fades after a few minutes. Pleasantly coats the palate with notes of brown sugar, honey grahams, vanilla, apples, and a (pleasant) earthy note. A bit of bite on the back palate, but not much spice. The vanilla and brown sugar notes linger on the medium finish along with a hint of oak. A few drops of water didn't seem to change the nose, but noticeably amplified the sweeter notes on the palate (especially the mid-palate). Overall it's quite good, but maybe not a standout worthy of Limited Edition status. I really enjoyed the complex nose, it seemed like I got something different every time I sniffed. The palate was more straight-forward but still pleasant. This actually reminds me of some of the better Russell's Reserver barrell picks I've had in the past, which is strange since most sourced KY Bourbon is assumed to come from Heaven Hill or Barton 1792.
89.0 USD per Bottle