Bimber Re-Charred Oak Casks

Single Malt — England

4.0 out of 5 stars
In the glass it has a deep caramel color with intense copper shades. The important alcohol content is not at all intrusive to the nose, which is wrapped in an embrace of ripe fruit, raisins, prunes, vanilla and a light hint of wood. There is also a pinch of spices and almond. Persuasive. Oily and soft on the palate, the first sip is really enveloping and warm, with a sweet profile with a background of cinnamon that makes it almost Christmas: dehydrated apricots and peaches, vanilla, a little pepper, almonds. All well blended and balanced, someone would say drinkable but in a good way: to be young (4 years, I suppose) it has much more structure than other older whiskeys. The finish is not very long, with ripe fruit, cinnamon and vanilla.